As a full-stack designer, I'm all about helping start-ups cook up impactful solutions that shake things up and make a positive difference in the world.

Memo Ceballos – Product Designer

Product Designer in San Jose, CA

– AI-powered Ultrasound

Designed an AI ultrasound solution, from conception to deployment, with clinical data supporting a 30x increase in diagnostic speed.

– Interactive manual

Achieved 83% task completion rate by 3rd practice exam by delivering 1st ever product training for nurses of patients in clinical trials—replaced in person training and established scalable training alternative

– Search Flow

Optimized a real estate mobile app's search feature, resulting in a 21% lift in feature engagement.


I'm a product designer with seven years of experience based in San Jose, California, originally from Mexico City. I'm a well-versed product designer with generalist design skills and experience that can drive the product design cycle from end to end. I bring various skills from product strategy, product design, visual design, interaction design, and prototyping. For me, design is more than designing visually appealing products. It's about making things that improve people's lives and the world. Whether I'm developing a design strategy or polishing pixel-perfect screens, my main objective is to create products that meet both business and user needs with a sound design process grounded in data and measurement methods.

Background and Education

I have a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media and a Master's degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics. My professional background began in television as a video producer, where I spent around eight years. However, I have always been fascinated by technology, especially the opportunity to be part of teams that work on innovative and impactful projects that make a difference. This led me to pursue a degree in Human Factors to enter UX design. My journey in UX design began with SAP, and since then, I have collaborated with startups in various industries, including real estate, mobile payments, life sciences, and healthcare.

I'm open to product design opportunities that deliver meaningful impact.

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